Toucan Wallet

I worked at Toucan from 2016-2017 as a UI/UX Designer and Front-end Developer. I helped Toucan since their inception from designing brand guidelines, landing page, dashboard, and their mobile app: Toucan Wallet. Toucan was build in one mission: to serve underbank customers in South-East Asia. Toucan allowed their customers to apply for financing through Toucan Wallet. Since the app was mostly used by non-tech savvy customers, we designed the app to be very easy with clear CTAs, minimum input, and clear wording on each screen. We also minimised elements that could potentially cause confusion such as hamburger menu at the top of the app. To better understanding the use of the app, I created a flow based on different scenarios.

UI/UX Designer, Front-end Developer


Case 2 - existing userCase 2 - existing user
Case 5 - Pay billCase 5 - Pay bill
Case 7 - Virtual credit cardCase 7 - Virtual credit card