Tixxit is an app to create a bucket list that you wanna do and share it with your friends. The work was initially started in late 2012 when Tim approached me to help him in designing Tixxit. For over 2 years, I worked with Tim and the process was tremendous. As a result, more than a hundred of screens through a lot of iterations were designed. Tixxit was designed from iOS6 where skeumorphism was still the design principle at Apple, until iOS7 and beyond where Apple has shifted its design principle to flat UI.

Tim Bradley


UI & UX Designer


Problem & Challenge

Bucket list / to-do list apps are already available on the market. Tixxit tries to enhance the feature of such app by making it more social. Therefore, the challenge was to make Tixxit exciting and easy for the user in sharing the bucket list with their friends. Tixxit wants to do this because sharing the goal with friends will increase the chance of the goal of being achieved. For example: doing a skydiving with friends, enjoying a travelling together, etc. We'd like to make Tixxit as a social media for sharing goals.



Tixxit is designed to make goal/bucket-list sharing easy and exciting. To encourage the user in sharing his goal, we show the relevant information about a goal, such us the number of friends who want to do the goal and who have done that. We also show the achievement of the goal, such as the goal is shorlisted in top 10, there is a deal offered for the goal, etc. To increase the chance of the goal being achieved, we show all of above information on the goal screen. Aside from showing such information, we also use a nice picture of the goal.


Goal Detail

When the user tap a goal in goal screens, he will be brought in goal detail screens. There are some buttons that act as a shortcut in this screen and we'd like to onboard the user with an overlay that describe the function of each button. By using the shortcut button, we'd like our user to do a lot things easily with only using a single tap.


Friend's Goal

As Tixxit is social media for goal sharing, we'd like to enable our user to see his friend's goal and to encourage them to achieve the goal together. We design the friend's goal to enable such thing. User can see the list of goals that their friend has added or has done. We also provide a filter that enables user to sort the list based on his preference.



To boost the social media feature of Tixxit, we design the Profile screens that include all of the relevant information from the the friend, including his goal, activity, friends' statistic, and schedule to do such goal. All of this information is designed in a single screen using Tabs where user can switch between each detail by tapping the tab.


Final Result

After several iterations, the final design of Tixxit app was finally approved and came to development phase. In total, 96 screens were designed. Tixxit app has been released in iTunes store for Australia market. Overall, it was a tremendous work to do and I was happy to work with Tim and his team.